Author Topic: my website is clean but i keep getting a warning URL:Phishing  (Read 3294 times)

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Hi, Avast stops me from opening our website  Here's my Alert ID 23e4bf204078
can someone from Avast help me fix this problem.

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Re: my website is clean but i keep getting a warning URL:Phishing
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2021, 08:53:44 AM »
There is an insecure connection -
HTTP security headers

x-content-type-options Header not returned

x-xss-protection Header not returned

x-frame-options Header not returned

content-security-policy Header not returned

cache-control Header not returned, comes with a Warning

TLS Recommendations
HTTPS mixed content found. Your HTTPS website is referring to an HTTP resource:
- on -

Your Word Press version does not seem to be the latest, update please.

Update plug-ins: The following plugins were detected by reading the HTML source of the WordPress sites front page.

Plugin   Update Status   About
the-events-calendar    Unknown   latest release (
wp-popups-lite    Unknown   latest release (2.1.4)
contact-form-7    Unknown   latest release (5.4)
content-views-query-and-display-post-page    Unknown   latest release (
wp-super-cache    Unknown   latest release (1.7.2)
newsletter    Unknown   latest release (7.1.3)
masterslider    Unknown   
accesspress-social-icons    Unknown   latest release (1.8.2)

User Enumeration
The first two user ID's were tested to determine if user enumeration is possible.

Username   Name
ID: 1   tenzin   wfpm2
ID: 2   simranjeet   Simranjeet Singh
It is recommended to rename the admin user account to reduce the chance of brute force attacks occurring.
As this will reduce the chance of automated password attackers gaining access.
Take note that if the author archives are enabled it is usually possible to enumerate all users within a WordPress installation.

 Directory Indexing
In the test an attempt was made to list the directory contents of the uploads and plugins folders to determine if Directory Indexing is enabled. This is a common information leakage vulnerability that can reveal sensitive information regarding your site configuration or content.

Path Tested   Status
/wp-content/uploads/      enabled
/wp-content/plugins/      disabled
Directory indexing is tested on the /wp-content/uploads/ and /wp-content/plugins/ directores.
Note that other directories may have this web server feature enabled, so ensure you check other folders in your installation.
It is good practice to ensure directory indexing is disabled for your full WordPress installation either through the web server configuration or .htaccess.
JavaScript links seem OK:!/scan/2e4739c594e261a38278e520d33263e22b4206b24b92a3e37b60b11e036bef99

Remediate the issues found and then wait for a final verdict from avast team,
as we here are just volunteers with relevant knowledge in the field of website security and error-hunting,
but we cannot come and unblock, that is just for avast team members (just wait for their final verdict),

polonus (volunteer 3rd party cold recon website security analyst and website error-hunter)
Cybersecurity is more of an attitude than anything else. Avast Evangelists.

Use NoScript, a limited user account and a virtual machine and be safe(r)!