Author Topic: Can Avast free be installed on Windows 10 home with Windows Security  (Read 414 times)

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I am just inquiring about avast free antivirus.

I was wondering if I could ask some simple questions about avast free antivirus.

Can I use avast free with windows security I have Windows 10 home?

Will avast free antivirus block  websites when surfing on the internet?  What is the success rate for avast free antivirus to block bad websites?

If some how I got a virus or malware or ransomware will avast free remove the files or try to fix the files automatically.   

Do I have to have the premium avast antivirus in order to remove the dangerous  files or will Avast free do this job all the time to remove these threats on its own.

The reason I am inquiring about avast free antivirus is because I currently have mcafee antivirus susciption for two years and I just thought I should ask some questions so that I can possibly decide whether to install avast free or find another antivirus product.

Thanks for the help

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Re: Can Avast free be installed on Windows 10 home with Windows Security
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You had received replies to some of these same questions in your last topic
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