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« on: April 22, 2003, 11:02:22 PM »
i downloaded an email cuz i thought it was somthing else. I know its a virus b/c ever since i downloaded it my computer has been slow. ANd when i dowloaded it notepad came up virus.txt and it looked like this...

[potentially viral code removed by moderator. Never ever do this!]

i found it weird and i know its the vbs virus and panda av cant detect it any suggestions?
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First disable the Windows scripting host, by deleting the wscript.exe, or replace that wsrcript.exe with eg. notpad.exe(rename the wscript.exe and than rename the notepad.exe to wscript.exe). Or you can use this Programm, let do it for you. it will disable the vbs settings in the registry. Than restart, it will prevent the vbs virus to get startet. Check the autostartsetting for that VBS-Script and delete it.

Does Avast detect that VBS-Virus? If not you should send a copy of it to and to the Pandasupport.
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