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Avast Business Antivirus 21.2 - for CloudCare
« on: May 18, 2021, 01:00:40 PM »
Release Notes: Avast Business Antivirus 21.2 for CloudCare (May 20, 2021)

Release Summary

This release contains new improvements and bug fixes to our Avast Business Antivirus client.

Avast Business Antivirus 21.2 will be available for new installations immediately. All existing devices with Avast Business Antivirus 20.10 or lower will start the automatic upgrade to 21.2 at a later time.

A system reboot will be required to complete the installation. There will be no forced reboot unless you have set this in your device policy settings.
•   Performance improvements - Your antivirus components should now load even faster thanks to simultaneous loading of our main service and VPS
•   More informative threat alerts - If you get an alert, click ‘See details’ to see what type of threat it is (e.g., adware, ransomware, scam, etc.) and a brief description
•   Tidier threat alerts - If you ever run into multiple threats at once, you'll no longer be bombarded with one alert after another. Instead, we've combined these into a single alert according to the shield that detected them
•   Alert ID - Every threat alert now includes a unique ID in the bottom-left corner. If you ever share a screenshot with our support team, this ID will help them to identify your problem
•   Improved PUP detections

Resolved issues
•   Minor accessibility adjustments (e.g., added tray shortcuts, improved confirmation dialogs when disabling shields, etc.)
•   Fixed minor bug so Behavior Shield doesn’t duplicate detections already covered by File Shield
•   Fixed a rare case where Firewall would trigger an ask dialog for already stopped processes
•   Fixed a rare case where switching languages could fail
•   Optimized scanning of QUIC connections
•   VPN will not automatically install when un-selected during configuration of installation
•   Fixed "Next century" option on restart dialogue - now is correctly accepted
•   UI now opens on scan results correctly when the UI is minimized during scan
•   Fixed problem with creation of rescue disk on Windows 7 and 8
•   Fixed issue with resolving "Advanced threats" step in smart scan
•   Fixed crash in IDP agent
•   Fixed rare crash of bccavsvc service
•   Fixed issues with antispam engine
•   Patched Sandbox escape method (along with silent updates to previous AV versions)
•   Fixed some unwanted merging of old / default avast5.ini configuration
•   Fixed a rare bug that closed the UI when you changed the AV language
•   Silenced some background network scans in case they weren't required
•   Arranged for a more thorough uninstall (BugReport file is no longer left over)
•   Fixed an issue where detection dialogs were stuck behind the main UI when opened
•   AV DNS finally no longer conflicts with our VPN solution
•   Fixed product toasters that stole window’s focus
•   Arranged for the proper order of dialogs in various alert-dialog flows (for reporting false
•   positives, when the main UI is open, etc.)
•   Fixed an issue where Passwords Protection was turned off for some users
•   Fixed some rare cases where user settings weren’t stored properly during product updates
•   Fixed rare problems with WebShield and HTTP/2 HPACK compression
•   Fixed an issue when automatic update did not run