Author Topic: AVAST triggers router firewall?  (Read 1246 times)

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AVAST triggers router firewall?
« on: May 10, 2021, 12:00:12 PM »
I have during recent time noticed that my Asus router, which has AiProtection two-way IPS active, has blocked several "External attacks". These attacks come from my own computer's IP address. It is for example "WEB GNU Bash Remote Code Execution -6", "WEB Dasan GPON Routers Command Injection -1.1" and "WEB Remote File Inclusion /etc/passwd".
Just now I manually started an Avast Network scan and when I went to the login page for the router it was locked and said there was attempted login several times. I later logged in to the router and looked at the AiProtectio log which said the above-mentioned attacks "WEB GNU Bash Remote Code Execution -6" etc. had been tried (this was during the time of the network scan). 
Any suggestions as to what is causing the router to lock the login and activate the AiProtection?