Author Topic: 64-bit problems troubleshooting cookbook  (Read 5203 times)

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64-bit problems troubleshooting cookbook
« on: March 09, 2007, 10:00:24 AM »
because more and more people are influenced by the hype "the more bits, the better" (*), they tend to install juvenile 64-bit Linux distributions on their 64-bit x86 machines, and here the problems might arise. So, this is a cookbook what to do when You Avast! won't start on Your 64-bit distribution:

1) Get this tarball package at64.tgz
2) Extract it, go to the extracted directory AvastTest64, and run ./ there
3) Look at the output, and report possible issues (You might use strace_1.log, strace_2.log or strace_3.log)

When everything in this test worked, then Avast! can run on Your 64-bit x86 distribution, at least the packages here . All possible issues are in the installation/setup, and can be easily solved.

But, when some of these steps failed, Your distribution has broken the legacy IA-32 compatibility layer, and You should consider using another one, because these tests have proven that Your particular distribution isn't able to exec() even these stripped-down sample binaries properly.

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