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New browser version 90.0
« on: April 21, 2021, 08:51:04 AM »
Hello everyone,

We’re pleased to announce that we have released a new beta version of Avast Secure Browser (ASB) for Windows - version 90.0.

  • NTP Speed - Significantly increased the new tab load speed with some clever static resource management
  • FLoC disabled - we will be releasing some more info on our decision behind this soon
  • HTTPS Encryption - Chromium v90.0 introduces a new way of handling HTTPS requests. We have incorporated this approach and plan to replace our existing mechanism via HTTPS Everywhere extension, this will reduce our resource footprint.

  • Improved the overall stability of the Browser
  • Improved speed and stability of Avast Sync
  • Other Chromium 90 fixes, including 37 security fixes
  • Minor design improvements and fixes
  • Fixed some minor Dark Mode Security and Privacy Center issues
  • Accessibility improvements in Security and Privacy Center features
  • Fixed rare instance of browser opening 2 windows
  • Fixed empty bookmarks folder when importing from Firefox, Edge and IE

How to get this latest version
If you have ASB already installed, it should be updated automatically (feel free to visit ‘secure://settings/help’ to trigger an update faster)
Alternatively, you can download and install ASB from our official site:

>> More info about Beta channel is here

We hope you enjoy the changes we have made, and as always we would love to hear your feedback. Please try our Browser also on your other devices. Next to Windows version, it is available on iOS, Android and MacOS platform and with new Avast sync, you can synchronize the settings on all of them. You can download the MacOS version here, more information for iOS see here (English locales only), and for Android here or go straight to the App Store or Google Play Store