Author Topic: Intel promises fast Penryn in 2007  (Read 7769 times)

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Re: Intel promises fast Penryn in 2007
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I'm curious... Would you guys be kind enough to cite a couple of sources on the following comments?

Well i was speaking my personal opinion not citing anyone. From what i've read about these new AMD chips(k10 , k8l or barcelona or whatever you wanna call them) i believe they will be slightly faster than Intel's current Conroe and Kentsfield chips but i predict that it won't be that much better. And i am also willing to bet that as soon as AMD releases their k10 cpu's Intel will be able to respond quite easily by refreshing their current lineup(eg. adding more l2 cache and increasing cpu clocks)  and  in a couple months Penryn will also be ready so AMD is in for some hard times. But i wasn't just thinking about the cpu wars with my comment but also about the graphics wars.
Remember ATI is now under AMD(it cost them ALOT of money to buy ATI) and they also seem to be having ALOT of trouble releasing their "revolutionary" new dx10 graphics core(r600) while Nvidia has been making money with their geforce 8 series(g80) for  months now . AMD is really loosing their market share fast(both the CPU and graphics market) and they will have to do something about that soon or they will get eaten alive by Chipzilla(Intel) and the Green Team(Nvidia) . Well i certainly hope that won't happen because afterall competition is good for us end users right ? ;)
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