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Hi all:

I recently installed SuperAntiSpyware along with Comodo Firewall to compliment Avast and hopefully complete my security "arsenal".  I have been having a problem with SuperAntiSpyware (SAS).  SAS has a feature which apparently protects the home page from being changed.  If something tries to change it, an alert message displays asking to allow or block the change.  I have my home page set to and I keep getting a message asking if I will allow a change to  The ONLY difference in the URL is the final backslash.  I have exactly the same URL indicated in both IE and SAS so I know they are the same.  When I allow the change, a message pops up later asking if I want to allow it to change back the way it was.  I could simply turn off this feature but I would sort of like to have it in place.

I wrote to SAS and they provided a link to part of their website. The site told me that the no confidential or personally identifiable info would be sent to SAS; only diagnostic system info.  I was requested to allow an activeX control called to install/run.  I have never really understood activeX controls.  Are they OK to allow to run?  Once done, do they leave any files on the pc or do they uninstall again?

Thanks for any input.

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Are they OK to allow to run?

Only if you really, really trust the publisher. ActiveX is a computer program and like any other computer program it can cause a lot of damage if you give it access to your computer and it turns out to be either malicious or badly written. I think you should be OK with SuperAntiSpyware: it's a well trusted company.

Once done, do they leave any files on the pc or do they uninstall again?

As far as I know, ActiveX objects are installed in the registry by means of a unique identifying number, and reside in 'Downloaded Program Files' which you can clean up if you open My Computer, right click on properties and click the disk cleanup button.

ActiveX objects in the registry can be removed with HijackThis!, where they turn up as 016 entries.

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 :)  Hi Will :

      Was not sure you knew SUPERantispyware has Support Forums, so I went
      there to see IF you had posted there !? Then I came across your
      "Dell's My Way" thread and have posted a Response you may find useful
       at  !?


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Thank you Spiritsongs.  I did know about the SAS forums but their forum does not appear very active - at least at the time I posted a few questions there.  (It makes me appreciate Avast and the forum here all the more!)  I thought maybe someone here could give some guidance as to the "wisdom" of allowing ActiveX controls in general. 

I certainly appreciate your link to the Dell forum.  I had Avast place the Dell My Way file in the chest but I think I should follow the Dell forum instructions at this point.


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 :)  Hi Will :

     Since you now plan on using Dell's "My Way Removal Instructions" ,
    which I consider very wise, it would be best to move the My Way "files"
     that Avast put into the "Chest" out of the Chest just Prior to using those
     "Removal Instructions" . I, also, experience, on occasion, an "Alert"
     about the slash addition about the Home page which I thought was from
     my SpywareGuard program !? I just click the one or two boxes that appear
     to "resolve" the "Alert" ; I, personally, would not install that Active X,
     even though I trust the SUPERantispyware people .


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... It makes me appreciate Avast and the forum here all the more!