Author Topic: cant set resolutions i should be able to, windows active resolution stuck on 4k?  (Read 654 times)

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My PC was going super slow before but somehow removing AMD chipset drivers like PSP and such which i downloaded and installed from made my PC a heap faster?
which is bullshit because AMD is super scifi tech compared to decades old nvidia and intel tech. in fact just a mobile phone GPU in most of the android flagships is just a shrunk down AMD rx card super low power 30 watts fast charge and it lasts off a battery for days while your 200 watts/second GPU and CPU struggle to hardware decode 8k 10bit HDR HEVC and game at 1080p or 1440p or sometimes even 4k on a battery.
the mobile phones with AMD GPU is called a qualcomm snapdragon with an adreno GPU the same imageon engine as radeon.
anyway AMD PSP chipset drivers and stuff are like for security and viruses and stuff or spyware maybe hammer attack them so they go slow then speeds up when u remove them like often happens when new windows 10 security feature introduced and hackers try to slow down whole OS to force them to roll it back or take it out.
anyway I reckon because my active signal res always shows 4k something virusey maybe in my PC but i cant find it and i scanned with avast and i bought the premier.. do i have to try out free antivirus till i can find a way to fix it?
previously i could have just lowered res and hz refresh rate down to 1080p then back up to 1440p or whatever. but now nope or enabled GPU scaling to fix it.. but no.. something seems to be very wrong. i also forever limited to 60hz and selecting 10bit isnt often an option.. even if 1440p 10/12bit HDR 60hz isnt selectable but 1440p 120hz should be? or uhh 1080p12bit or 1080p 120hz ?? but nope.. still always says active signal res is 4k even at 1080p or 720p and 23hz.
How to fix it? do i need to uninstall this antivirus and try a bunch more free antiviruses? i've a 5700xt and its HDMI 2.0b and i bought a bunch of HDMI 2.1 8k HDMI cables.