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Hotmail and MSN Premium Mail
« on: April 22, 2007, 03:24:29 PM »
I am totally unable to get to Hotmail or if I login to MSN Premium and click the mail icon on the toolbar that freezes. I just elected to abandon CA Internet Security Suite because I had to keep disabling the firewall to be able to get to Hotmail, but I got there. Now I am totally unable to get any Hotmail. I get a blank white page with "Done" in the status bar. I did a search and have tried stoping the Network process and the Web process in Avast. My system is :

Win XP Pro SP2, IE 7, I am using Comodo Firewall Pro (disabling this makes no difference).

I thought perhaps something in my profile so I tried my wife's profile on the PC and no difference is found. I am able with no problems in Vista Ultimate 64 running Avast 4.7 to access Hotmail.

Argh, what should I look for?