Author Topic: 25AprAttempted updated causing BSOD Vxd errors Also aswBoot.exe error message  (Read 2348 times)

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Spec Winme, AMD 1333Mhz,
Harddrive and memory tested for faults  all clear

Whilst surfing I received an poup error message - don't remember what it was.
when I cleared it I then saw that Avast Red Flag
I cleared that to and closed all apps and rebooted.
When it rebooted back up it looked strange it -I looked in device manager and it was showing my Cdrom and writer( which I had completely disconnected 6 mths B4 as I don't have enough slots  - Have 4 hard drives)

I removed them and rebooted and started getting

While intializing device errors  (BSOD)
The rest of the message is this "Windows protection error -you need  to restart your computer"
This always means a hard reboot

The first was NTkern
Others were configMG, IOS, AFVbackup, VCD,

I was also getting a host of Vxd errors at Boot; in safemode; in windows

Which always led to BSOD and a reboot

Sometimes it wouldn't get past the screen you get when windows didn't finish loading then it would reboot regardles of which option you chose. Other times it would BSOD on me then reboot or just shut down.

some VxD errors I was getting were:

error 0E : 0028 : C000DFA0
error 0D : 0025 : C0036B7B

Exceptions errors

Exception at 0028 : C000B27F in VxD---
called 0028 : C14A8094 in VxD---

Exception at 0028: C00B617 in VxD VMM(01) + 0000A617
called from 0028 : C0014B3C in VxD VMM(01) + 00013B3C

when I did get into Safe mode/ or Windows

I would get windows protection errors such as -

error in shell32

Explorer error in kernel32.dll

when I clear the popup message I would get VxD BSOD all over again and repeat reboots agin.

I'm having to use the local library computer to try and find out the problem


I did  a search for all the files created on that day and I find this -
checked on the properties and it was somethig to do with Avast scanner.

When I doubled clicked it - I got this message.

aswBoot.exe expects a newer version of windows, Please update to the new version. When click to remove the popup you get this device is not functioning properly.

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aswboot is the boottime scanner of avast and works only on NT based Windows version.
So, the message is correct.