Author Topic: On-Premises Console Rejects My New License  (Read 2345 times)

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On-Premises Console Rejects My New License
« on: June 11, 2021, 05:10:41 PM »
I've just received a new license key from my reseller. When I put it into the On-Premises Console I get a message saying "Trial was already used" and telling me to insert a different license key.

I've emailed the reseller and I've sent a message to Avast tech support through the console about this. However, my old license expires on June 14, and I'm concerned that neither of them will be able to help me quickly enough. I realize the Avast people are in Czech Republic, where it is already late afternoon on a Friday, so they may not even read my message until Monday the 14th.

Has anyone here seen this and have a solution? Or, can anyone here alert somebody at Avast tech support to look at this today?