Author Topic: Small Office Protection no password import, problem reusing Avast passwords!  (Read 1291 times)

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After many years of using Avast (Premium) Security changed to Avast Small Office Protection (ASOP).
Own a small business and the promises of ASOP where nice. Eas of use, no worries and 24/5 support.
When installing ASOP it replied there would be a newer version already installed...? I had to remove the newer already installed Avast Premium Security voor consumers to be able to install ASOP.
Since it made me worry to uninstall I backuped the passwords before uninstalling. Supposing I would be able to import them into ASOP as this is possible in Avast Premium Security.
After installing ASOP I found to my annoyed suprise there is no password import function in ASOP.
Hence I was not able to enter different kind of applications of my customers and I was blocked in doing my job.

I posted a ticket to Avast for support and still am waiting for there 24/5 support so far....disappointment 2.
To get my passwords back I entered my online consumer account and installed the password application.
This led to deleting de ASOP-installation and brought me back to Avast free missing quit some functions now... disappointment 3.

After all it took me quite some time which I did not spend on my custommers, while ASOP promissed approvement... and still I'm partly in the dark about how to get this solved, missing security functions at the moment and no contact with Avast...

I'm thinking about getting my money back, after many years skipping the Avast solution in total to get rid of the mixed problems and go to an other app for security.
I can not advise anyone to change your license across the Avast apps, only stick with one solution or change in total to some other brand.... saves you a lot of time and annoyance.
Still I hope some wizard has a simple soltion for me...

I will at least take re-installing ASOP but I don't see yet how that solves the lack of password import in ASOP...

Van Avast premium security naar Small Office Protection (SOP) overgestapt.
Backup gemaakt in Avast Premium van de wachtwoorden.
Biedt Avast SOP geen importeerfunctie.... dus SOP levert een zeperd op!
Alle toegangen met de hand opnieuw uitzoeken en invoeren....knap waardeloos!
Hulp gevraagd met een ticket bij Avast, omdat voor bedrijven er 24/5 hulp een dag geen reactie...

Advies: stap niet over op Avast Small Office Protection als je al eerder met Avast werkte! Je bent dus niet druk met je business maar in plaats daarvan met Avast!
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