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hm. how to begin ...

k, windows 8.1, avast 19.something, 4gb ram

unfortunatelx i didn't jot down when it began to spike [either avast.exe or avast service tool] either cpu or disk [mostly it was disk], which led to no more internet for as long as the spike [98/99%] lasted [no idea what it was doing as it was sometimes quite long]. browser said secure connection failed, server not found. dead. as soon as the spike was gone, everything worked again. [interestingly, it seems, those spikes grew with the time i did hibernate instead of shutdown]. in the end, it was almost each 3rd site i tried to open. the funny thing is, telegram for example worked still without a hitch, even downloading files with 200mb+, no disconnect, nothing. when the laptop was shut down und restarted avast behaved normal, until some time passed, rinse repeat.

i thought, ok, update might help, but the problem was ... ui failed to load. funny thing, some days ago, when updating defintions it worked. well ... be it.
i tried disabling overseer, emergency update was running up to that moment, but changed regarding the triggers to only one time a day, very late.

still no change in behaviour. maybe more spikes. together with system, like a kind of dance.

i read the other thread back from [i think it was] 2016 regarding high cpu, tried that with modyfying tools in add/remove progs. windows gifted me with wait until the process is finished, after the avast ui was gone [i thought it might return to tell finish]. waited some more, asked google, did restart.

fine, at least the spike was gone. except avast smiled and told me, nice to see you, but, yeh, ui ... sorry ... and either avast or windows gifted me with a disabled wlan-adapter.
i wasted half of the afternoon [including the time since i began the part with avast] with trying to make the wlan work again, asking google, asking support-bot of hp,. restarting modem and wot not. guess ... exactly.
i could have gone the easy way with sys restore, but i was not sure regarding the listed date what i had been doing on that day, as i had that problem once before.

finally i decided to shut down, wait and restart the whole thing, it was mysteriously back [the wlan]. the ui still tells me with a smile, its nice to be here, but i don't want to meet you, but hey, i updated your definitions somewhere between.

i also considered uninstall/reinstall, but the question is, where can i find the setup file that is the version before the last?

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Re: avast free | question regarding ui fail, high cpu/disk, re-install
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- Which version/build of Avast Free..?
- OS..? (32/64 Bit..? - which SP/Build..?)
- Other security related software installed..?
- Which AV(s) did you use before Avast..?
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