Author Topic: Avast Secure Site test fail if both Web and Wi-Fi protection is enabled.  (Read 5628 times)

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This is a follow up on this topic, maybe related in some ways:

And this:

As of today:
Using Avast Premium Security on iOS 16.0.2

If I have both Web protection VPN and Wi-Fi protection VPN enabled, the Avast Secure Site test report that I am NOT protected:

If I disable Web protection VPN and leave only Wi-Fi VPN on, it is solve the problem and the Avast Secure Site test report that I am protected with both Wi-Fi and 4G network.

While this conflict between the two VPN get resolved, could someone please tell me which VPN to use, which one is more important, Web or Wi-Fi protection? I can not use both, it is always cause either performance or stability problem with internet connection and now this problem with secure site test.

Thank you.