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Avast One bugs and suggestions
« on: September 22, 2021, 07:44:01 PM »
I tried Avast One after using Avast Free for years.

With Avast Free, Chrome and Firefox browsers have Avast digital certificates to do https scanning. Why doesn't Avast One have these certificates in these browsers? If not, can it do https scanning?

New firewall feature should show 'Home Network' and 'Private Network' instead of 'Trusted' and 'Untrusted' Networks to fit with the Windows descriptions.

If a program is listed in the Firewall, we can allow or block it. But we can't remove it from the list of programs in the Firewall. What if we uninstalled the program listed? Will it still show in the list with no way to remove it?

Bug: After exporting Settings, importing them later by Restore Settings will not restore many settings like List of Exceptions and list of Ransomware Shield Protected Folders.


1.  Please have dark mode.

2.  I use an external hard disk for my data and it has its own drive letter. So all the folders on it are my Protected Folders. So please allow the Ransomware Shield to add a drive as a protected folder instead of adding every folder on it to the Ransomware Shield list of Protected Folders.