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How To Solve Them Successfully?

There are hundreds of upright vacuum cleaners being sold these days but some of them are low-rated, expensive, or rated by unbelievable customers. We know this because we did a lot of research about either usual or rare vacuums listed on popular websites such as Amazon, Walmart, and others.

Fortunately, I also found some fantastic upright vacuums that are well-rated by reliable buyers, which are under $200.00 in the last 12 months. One of them is the Shark Navigator NV360 upright vacuum.

However, according to some Shark NV360 reviews, it is impossible for users to avoid problems while using the product. As a result, the article below will give you the best solutions for three usual problems the machine might have when running.

3 Usual Problems of the Shark Vacuum NV360

A Bad Smell From The Vacuum

The first problem you might have after cleaning up with the vacuum for a long time is the bad smell. The reasons can come from dirty filters, full dust cups, or stuck objects.

Dirty Filters

On many Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 reviews websites, filters are one of the most important parts of a vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to clean the foam and felt filters every one to three months and the HEPA filter every two years. If not, they might get clogged, and fail to separate the dust from the circulating air..

Use warm water to wash all of the dirt from the filters and make them clean again. In case your machine is still smelly, replace the filters.

Full Dust Cup

Another culprit making the smell might be the dust cup. When it is full, there is no outlet for dirt collected. You should empty the cup by removing the latches from the sides of the vacuum’s clear body and sliding out the container after pulling them down. After emptying the dust, remember to secure the cup back in the right position and click the latches back together.

Stuck Objects

When an object is stuck in the air pathway of the vacuum, it might cause a bad smell and stop the product from coming to its designated container. Besides, the frustrated smell might be from the roller brush with an accumulation of stuck clouds of dust.

To tackle the issue, you have to find out where the object is stuck by looking at the bottom of the Shark vacuum NV360 with the roller brush. If there is no debris found in the brush, check the air pathways like the handle and the tubes.

If there is some blockage in the roller brush, clean it  by carefully removing the debris accumulated around it. If you find it too hard because of the severely stuck objects, try to take the roller brush out not to retrieve the object.

Furthermore, if the objects lie in the air pathways, you can get rid of them with latches on the two sides of the connection. Pull and press on them at the same time to detach the tubes and remove bags of dust.

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Vacuum Does Not Turn On

Power Cord Problems

A few customers complain that when they turn the power switch on, the Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum does not turn on as usual. The reason mostly results from the power cord.

Firstly, you should check if the power cord is plugged accurately and completely into the power socket. Besides, users can try another power socket because the present power socket might not work well.

Secondly, a broken power cord may be the source of the problem. A few customers are either too lazy or stingy to replace the power cord which already has exposed wire.

Alternatively, they use the electric tape to temporarily cover the wire, unsure if the power cord can work well or not. The best solution, in this case, is to change the cord for both safety and efficiency, especially when you notice that the vacuum turns on only at a special orientation of the cord.

Power Button Failure

Power button failure is the second reason causing the vacuum not to turn on. As long as the button can switch between the power and different surface settings, you can start the machine. If not, replacing it will help a lot.

Main Motor Failure

If for some reason, the airflow is restricted, the main motor has to shut down to protect the vacuum. Therefore, you should check if anything such as a stuck object blocks the airflow.

Keep in mind that if the main motor is defective, it can not be changed as easily as other parts because of its plastic molded parts. You can refer to some qualified Shark navigator NV360 reviews sites to check for more information.

For example, TheKingLive website is a reliable one. With outstanding and qualified reviews provided about many products and their parts after thorough testing and researching, customers would have more information. Many helpful bits of knowledge such as tips and tricks are given to make it easier for you to opt for or use any home appliance on the site as well.

Motherboard failure

The last reason for the not-turning-on vacuum is the motherboard controlling the machine functions. Get it replaced as soon as possible.

Vacuum Not Picking Up Anything

Lastly, many buyers reported that their blue Shark vacuum picked up nothing after they turned it on.

The problem might pertain to some elements: dirty filters, full dust cup, stuck objects, and damaged hoses. With the first three problems, tackle them as we mentioned above on how to deal with smelly vacuums..

Besides, when the vacuum does not pick up anything and the air hose  makes a hissing noise simultaneously, the problem most likely would  be the air leaking from the hose. Some users might unconsciously pick up fast-moving debris or may have a loose connection between the tube and the vacuum. You can use tape to plug the hole in the hose to tighten the connection until the hissing noise disappears.

Final Words

In conclusion, above are some of our helpful recommendations to address your problems of the Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum. Through this article, we hope that you now have grasped knowledge about some crucial vacuum cleaner parts that make the machine  run smoothly. Hopefully, you find this article helpful for using vacuum cleaners to do your housework.
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