Author Topic: Delete & Restore from Quarantine don't work after Behavior Shield's actions  (Read 1267 times)

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I have an issue with a file impossible to Restore or Delete from Quarantine virus chest.

My software and OS:

- Avast Free Antivirus 21.8 , the latest build (not a beta one) (with these components installed: File / Web / Behavior Shields)

- Windows 7 SP1 64-bit with all updates

- No other security or AV software is installed (or used before Avast). Just the Windows default Firewall.

The issue:

I enabled Behavior Shield to get more protection several hours ago (I didn't use it before),
and soon it false-positived a file I've been using for years. So I turned off the Behavior Shield forever now.

The issue is, that file is stuck in the Quarantine now.
When I'm trying to restore it, it says that it can't be restored, it shows an error.

I tried to do all those actions to restore or remove the file from quarantine, with debug logging enabled.

Then I sent a report with the support tool just a few hours ago.

File Id: BVFMP
File name:

So, back to the problem description:

When I tried to "Extract" it, it was recreated in a folder I specified, but now I still can't remove it from Quarantine.
(I had to manually move the file back into its original folder, and just in case added it to the global exceptions)

The file is just stuck stuck in Quarantine virus chest though.
Nothing helps, closing or opening Avast's main window, pressing the Restore or Delete buttons for that file don't do anything.

It physically exists there, because I can "Extract" it again and get the file into any location.

I actually managed to find several similar reports over the past years, the latest one being:
Another example for 2017:

Is that how it's supposed to work? Staying in Quarantine forever?

If so, that's weird. Because in the past I was able to just clear the Quarantine chest just fine.
Did that successfully several times already on this particular computer.

It's just Behavior Shield put that file in the chest this time...
Maybe that's why it's bugged now and can't be deleted from there.

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Also, a question: how to fix it now, while waiting for this bug to be resolved in the future versions?

I managed to find a file "index.xml" here "C:\ProgramData\Avast Software\Avast\chest"

Inside the file I see just one entry, this:

If I disabled Avast's protection and services temporarily (maybe with booting in a Safe Mode into Windows),
and cleared that "<ChestEntry>" section from the file (or changed "<Size>0</Size>" value to 1 instead),
would it be possible to remove the file from Quarantine again?
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So... is this report going to be addressed? :)
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Hi InvisibleMan, I'm sorry for the delayed reaction. Are you able to check if the problem persists after system reboot?