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Anti-Track doesn't work
« on: October 12, 2021, 07:51:50 AM »
Anti Track is flat out worthless, every time I search for something that has to do with a product or even slightly on a shopping subject, 5 minutes later I have all kinds of ads on my Facebook and MSN page trying to sell me something I was just searching for! example: tonight I was looking up the voltages of different Mini Christmas lights, one place I went was "1000Bulbs" ... not long after I opened my Facebook page and also MSN Homepage and had a ton of ads for lightbulbs and many from 1000Bulbs... and that's just one of hundreds of examples... Now that tells me this Anti Track isn't working at all, that's the very thing it's supposed to stop...

yes it's updated, yes it's installed correctly, yes it's turned on... (I do have to turn it off sometimes because it slows down some pages loading to a crawl)