Author Topic: When I try to connect to the VPN it keep saying The VPN server did not respond?!  (Read 9636 times)

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I have downloaded Secureline VPN on my Macbook Pro and on my PC at the same time, it works perfectly on my WIN PC but, on My Mac, it keeps saying Connection Error VPN Connection Could Not Be Established, also says "The VPN server did not respond verify the server address and try reconnecting"    So I download another VPN App called ProtonVPN on my Mac to test if am blocking the VPN connection, but the protonVPN works perfectly on my Mac!

So please can anyone help me fix this issue, I use macOS Big Sur on my book pro laptop.

Please help fix this issue, as Avast VPN is very powerful on WINDOWS and I really want to use it on my Mac 2!
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Does this happen when you connect to a specific server or any server?
If any server, please uninstall and reinstall Avast SecureLine VPN for Mac.
Please see these guides:
If the issue persists, please attach a screenshot of the error messages.
You can also contact support via