Author Topic: Stopping annoying pop-ups and re-eenable registrade code for Free version  (Read 958 times)

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I have been using Avast Free for more than 10 years. Although the anti-virus works really well and help me protect from dangers of the Internet, I still find it really uncomfortable and disrespectful to customers because Avast displays a lot of pop-ups to advertise its premium ones and other services such as VPN, Driver Updater, Cleanup, etc. Even worse, the number of these pop-ups are increasing dramatically over the time in spite of using Silent mode. In addition, the package of Avast Free Antivirus gets bigger every release. Despite customizing the installation, I still feel it doesn't run as fast as it used to like before 2015. In fact, there are lots of complains about how Avast become terrible and useless with plenty of reviews not only from users but also from other tech newspapers on the Internet.

Why don't Avast team listen to their customers remove unfriendly pop-ups of advertisements and maybe other features that are not totally free in the Avast Free Installer.

Last but not least, could Avast team bring back "the registration code" feature, please? Because I didn't see any remaining days left when using Avast Free Antivirus . As a result, after twelve months of using Avast Free Antivirus, it suddenly requires me active the program again when I don't have access to the Internet at that time. Consequently, I felt so disappointed to lose the protection of Avast until coming back home. So could you bring back the registration code for Avast Free Antivirus so that I can see the remaining days left of the program and re-register the program before its expires.

Thank you very much for giving such as great product.

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Re: Stopping annoying pop-ups and re-eenable registrade code for Free version
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2021, 07:51:52 PM »
Get used to the popup promotions, it is the price of being free.

Personally they don't bother me, I probably have a high pain threshold.  Some even make me laugh inwardly as I just close it and I don't particularly find the frequency that great.

I can't see why they removed the registration code and information.  But the response was it is free for life so you shouldn't need it and you didn't really need the date.  But it is a pain in the backside none the less as you effectively still have to register every bloody year.  Places soapbox under bed.
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