Author Topic: AVAST browser opens with Windows Console Host & Command Processor in background  (Read 929 times)

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Why would the Console window host, and Windows command processor open in the background when I run the AVAST browser?  I discovered this in Task Manager. (see screenshot attached). I wouldn't have been aware of it without looking at Task Manager, because the console host and command processor do not appear to be open on the desktop. 

Isn't this unusual? Why would running a browser open the console and command line? In contrast, the console and command processor does not open with my Firefox browser.  I do have extensions added to AVAST, but that should not open the console and command processor, right?  They're only the extensions AVAST pre-installed (and all are active). I added only two, Grammarly and Google Translate.

Finally, this may not be relevant in considering the answer, but an expert might know:  earlier in the day an unusual event occurred while online - the black console window flashed briefly, one time only. I was left wondering if it was malware or not because this isn't something that usually happens on my PC. AVAST Premium Antivirus didn't detect anything.

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