Author Topic: Avast VPN subscription paid for one year today, shows only 339 days left  (Read 547 times)

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My Avast VPN today said it was going to expire in 4 days.  So I purchased another 1-year subscription today.  I should have 369 days left before I am charged again for another year.

But -- I saw there were two Avast VPN apps installed on my computer and I uninstalled the older of the two Apps (dated 2020) -- but Avast uninstalled the 2021 updated version for some reason and left an inactive icon for the 2020 VPN app in my Windows App settings panel. 

So I reinstalled the Avast VPN and entered the activation code, and now the program is telling me it will renew on November 11, 2022.  Why is it cutting my subscription short by one month?  Also why did it remove the 2021 version of Avast VPN when I chose the 2020 Avast icon to uninstall the old app?

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Your Avast SecuerLine subscription should expire on Dec/12/2022. I would suggest that you contact Avast Support via