Author Topic: I can not see in firewalls connection requests grouped by application  (Read 637 times)

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Hello ... there is no doubt that they are working to improve implementation, but in this case it appears that the desire is also misrepresenting some information and management of the firewall. I used to blow eye, the whole list of applications grouped by company name application, and no, fell into the category of others .. now not only are all scattered, and together think Alphabetically or USE INTERNET (which does not hurt if one of the options to see applications), but also a hassle having to be associating all the time and opening and closing the list whenever you need to change something (block, allow etc ..). I hope again to change the mode to view and operate each share of the firewall to make it easier to use ... Or at least give me the option to see the list as before .. maybe there's some form of power change this and I realized ,, in that case I would like to know how. :( Thank you and see you can not. In short: my way of thinking has receded instead of advancing .. because it is fundamental, so that nothing escapes accidentally make operation simple and clear .. and that does not talk about the rules that are no longer configurable (remove things that were good is better? mmm).
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Re: I can not see in firewalls connection requests grouped by application
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If I understood your question correctly, then you should be able to do so by using the Filter rules as explained here: This should allow you to search for specific groups of applications by name etc. Under the Application rules screen, you should also be able to edit existing application rules. If an application has not yet made a connection attempt, it does not appear on the Application rules screen because it does not yet have assigned application rules.

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