Author Topic: Purchased passwords. Saying no data to import from Firefox. Can't detect plugin  (Read 5267 times)

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Hi, previously I had my passwords encrypted in Firefox but after being a long time avast customer I decided to try your passwords package.

I've removed primary password on Firefox however the Avast app keeps saying "No Logins Found In Firefox", I actually have hundreds.

Also when visiting the page "Browser Integration" in Avast, it keeps saying that Firefox does not have the passwords extension active, however it is active.

I've tried resetting the computer but these problems still occur. I am using Windows 10.

I've also exported manually the passwords from Firefox, yet I can't import this into Avast Passwords since you only accept a JSON format? How do I convert these to JSON format?

Need some help for all these problems, otherwise please advise how I can get a refund and go with another company, for something so simple this seems full of bugs and oversights.
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You do not seem to have had an Avast Passwords subscription in the past, and we have stopped the sale of new Avast Passwords subscriptions. Would you mind sending me the link through which you purchased the subscription via PM (Personal Message)? To request a refund, please do so via: