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Re: no more alerts
« Reply #15 on: November 03, 2007, 01:23:07 AM »
I don't think it was a case of avast fowling ZA but the bug in ZA when run under Vista as mentioned by Vlk.

Now with ZA running under Vista for some reason the transparent functionality of the web shield proxy was disabled. So it wasn't scanning anything, even when you stopped it running on boot there are as Tech said some virtual device drivers loaded in the registry legacy keys.

avast may well have seen those and disabled the transparent proxy, but that is speculation on my part. Or when asked about the compatibility question you answered incorrectly for the ZA version you had and that would disable the transparent proxy, I think this is the more likely reason.

As for double click issue, it would get past the web shield if the transparent proxy wasn't enabled then nothing was being scanned by the web shield.

Whoa dude I run Xp pro.
I have come to realize the problem is with ZoneAlarm Pro 6.5.737
One person I recommended Avast! to is running ZA Free 7.x. in Xp Home. She does not have the same problem I did.
My son's computer has XP Pro with Zonealarm 6.5.737 free. He does not have the same problem.
I don't remember Avast! asking about ZoneAlarm during the installation. If it had I know what version I have.
(I have big issues with ZA Pro. Another topic maybe.)

I did not mention before that I removed everything Avast! from ZA permissions list and rebooted.
ZoneAlarm should have asked about for new permissions for at least two Avast! services on startup and it did not.
So I uninstalled Zonealarm pro. Then tried again at and Avast! worked as it should on the HTTP download it did not work on the HTTPS download. Can not have everything. I am glad I found and fix the problem.

I think Tenny should look at his software firewall.

Who is vlk? And why is he/she accusing me of running Vista  ;D.

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Re: no more alerts
« Reply #16 on: November 03, 2007, 01:47:52 AM »
It won't work on https as that isn't http traffic, it is encrypted traffic the whole point of encryption is to keep prying eyes out, including AVs, so the web shield 'can't scan encrypted traffic, nor can any other AV.

If you have ZA Pro avast should most certainly have asked about compatibility as the issue is with ZA Pro's privacy function.


- ZONE ALARM - AVAST Web Shield compatibility dialogue - Install/Update Question - YES or NO

If you are using ZoneAlarm Pro and Privacy Control in ZoneAlarm is set to High and if you click YES in avast compatibility dialogue box the transparent mode proxy in web shield will be turned off you have to manually configure browser to access internet. To manually configure your browser watch instructional video

If you answered incorrectly, Locate the line containing ZoneAlarmCompatibility= and delete that line (avast will ask again, answer YES) or change the value to =1.  Save the edited avast4.ini file.

Use a text editor and edit the avast4.ini file, the default installation location is C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\DATA\avast4.ini (I would advise you copy avast4.ini before editing it, just in case).

Manual browser setting tutorials:
For IE - broadband users: - Tutorial - Web Shield Proxy Set-up for IE
For IE - dialup users - Tutorial - Web Shield Proxy Set-up for IE (Dial-up)
For Firefox users - Tutorial - Web Shield Proxy Set-up for Firefox

The later versions of ZA 7.x on seemed to be fraught with problems.

Vlk (is one of the Alwil team, an avast developer) isn't accusing you of anything, he said in a different topic, ZA has a bug relating to Vista (and subsequently the web shield), it was my assumption that you were using Vista not Vlk.
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