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« on: November 10, 2007, 12:23:40 AM »

J'ai acheté une license de trois ans pour ISA Server edition.
Lorsque j'installe le logiciel et qui me demande d'entrée la licence je fais OK et l'installation me donne le message suivant:
Licenses for the following products are missing or invalid: AV_SRV...Plese make sure you are using the correct license file.

Est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider.



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Re: License
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2007, 02:15:27 AM »
I am running Windows Advance server 2003, i downloaded the Avast 4 Server Edition and was wondering if it would work removing virues for the trial period without a licence.
Could somebody verify that for me, would greatly appreciate it.


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Re: License
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2007, 09:54:41 PM »
Yes it should.
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