Author Topic: Win32:Malware-gen falsely detected in a video game?  (Read 1207 times)

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Re: Win32:Malware-gen falsely detected in a video game?
« Reply #15 on: January 13, 2022, 07:41:54 PM »
Pondus' interpretations of VT results have been found to be very accurate (i.m.h.o.).

As you can see the file has not been signed. That makes it at least more FP-prone.

Then it comes in the following categories,
that makes it could be much easier to be(come) malware-infested.

Darknet: TorPRO
Darknet: I2PPRO
Private LeaksSECRET
Leaks COMBSECRET  (info credits go to X Intelligence X special search engine)

But is no longer detected here: (I am asking Pondus why some detections are not constantly being distributed to VT?)

This is a scan of the URL (download link) and not the file.

My VT scan show the file scan, i downloaded the file and uploaded it to VT