Author Topic: Avast Firewall Question- Message Box Not Displaying Full Remote Address (BUG)  (Read 938 times)

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I've had this problem for over a year and Avast tech support said it would be fixed in the next update.  Many updates have come and gone and the problem persists.  The Firewall Question message box that asks a user to allow or deny a computer outgoing request, does not completely show the  IP address.  The message box cannot be resized to show the additional line of information, nor can it be scrolled lower to be able to see all of the important information needed to make an intelligent choice.

Look at the attached picture of the message box.  The entire second line of the Remote Address is cut in half horizontally.

Avast, please fix this issue.  Is there another place in the paid Premium Security software where I can see the entire outgoing address?

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Hello Dave,

I am sorry for this bug and thank you for pointing this out again. Team is working on new firewall dialogs where the IP / domain name should be clearly visible. Thank you.