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Slow client SQL database access
« on: November 22, 2007, 05:32:29 PM »
Hi all

I have just installed Avast with ADNM onto a SBS 2003 server. I installed the ADNM engine onto the inbuilt SBS SQL engine and deployed the Avast pro to all clients.

My clients problem is the SQL database also runs their main in-house database system and this has slowed considerably for general database processing and is causing considerable problems.

The server is a twin Xeon model with 4GB of ram running Exchange, SQL 2003 and ISA server. It has up until we installed Avast performed without any problems.

I initially had the Sage access problem so corrected the op-lock issue, but I have not been able to correct the slow database access. As an example one query would historically have take 45 Min's, it now takes in excess of 3hrs.

Does anyone have any ideas why this slowdown should have occurred and anyone have any ideas how I can proceed. My clients are getting very unhappy!

The database program that is installed on all computers and accesses the SQL database also has a local access database that it caches into, could the op-lock setting make any difference on the local computer?

Any and all advise will be very gratefully received