Author Topic: "Notify me if an app behaves suspiciously" prevents programs from working  (Read 1515 times)

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The enabled option "Notify me if an app behaves suspiciously" in "File Shield" prevents programs from normal working.

When this option is enabled I can't see the GUI of many programs.
If I start new program (for example Slimjet Browser, Anvir Task Manager, QTranslate, Laitis) its process appears in the task manager but no window is opening to work with it and there are no icons in the taskbar.
No any additional messages appear despite the fact that I tick "Ask me what to do" in settings.
I don't use "PC Speedup" optimization for any program as well.

If I disable "Notify me if an app behaves suspiciously", all works well.
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This seems to be the same issue as
I tested with QTranslate and could not reproduce the issue.
Which version of Avast One do you have installed, and what is your operating system?
Perhaps you can try to repair Avast One. Account> Settings> Troubleshoot> "Repair Avast One"