Author Topic: Driver Updater Keeps Opening Every Day Since Window 11 Upgrade  (Read 5426 times)

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Hello, all.

Ever since I upgraded my Windows 10 install to Windows 11, I have noticed that something is different with Avast Driver Updater.  Namely, every single day the Driver Updater opens itself and forces its way to the front of my desktop, interrupting anything I happen to be doing.  I have scanned for new drivers fairly recently, and nothing needed to be updated then, and nothing needs to be updated now, according to Driver Updater, and yet it continues to open day after day.

Is there some way to disable this without disabling the automatic scan for updates? I want the Driver Updater to inform me when an update is available for installation, but I don't want a daily report of "everything's okay!"  Essentially, I want said program to only open when I need to take action. Is there any way I can alter the settings for Driver Updater to make it less annoying?

Thank you for your assistance and advise.

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Re: Driver Updater Keeps Opening Every Day Since Window 11 Upgrade
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2022, 04:34:38 PM »

Does this happen randomly or after the Restart of Windows?
Have tried re-installing Avast Driver Updater?