Author Topic: Avast free version 22.1.2504 Extremely slow to load pages, search results etc.  (Read 927 times)

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Updated free avast version yesterday to
(version 22.1.6921.709)

UI version

I noticed that when I search on google for images, or trying to access youtube has becomes ridiculous slow to load pages and images, this was not the case with the former avast version.

Ideas to change web protection settings? or is it something in the new version that didn´t work out well? or do I have to shut avast down in order to search and browse image searches and youtube?

i mean it takes many many seconds to even load a single thumb nail image for youtube prenumeration pages, it´s intolerable.
Shutting avast down for a test and it is back to as it was before the new installation and not near that slowness.
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Repair Avast:
1. Avast GUI -> Settings -> Troubleshooting
2. Click on 'REPAIR APP'.
3. Follow instructions.
4. Reboot.
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