Author Topic: avast compatibility with express vpn  (Read 5743 times)

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avast compatibility with express vpn
« on: March 05, 2022, 12:27:27 AM »
I was a user of ExpressVPN before I began using Avast Premium Security and am now continuing to use it. I regularly respond to Express VPN notifications of availability of new updates. New updates showed in my Windows downloads folder. There were never any hitches with downloading new Express VPN updates until several months ago. I expect the problem is with Avast interfering with the downloading process. Avast windows, usually Avast promotional videos pop up during my Expess VPN downloads. The download stalls and I get notifications that a problem has arisen and I am then taken to some steps to overcome these problems. The process of downloading my Express VPN updates is no longer seamless, but so far the procedure has not failed completely. One annoying thing is that the update downloads no longer show up in my downloads, making it impossible for me to find and delete these downloads when replaced by new ones. I have no idea where the file is. Is it a roaming file? I'd appreciate some help with this problem. E