Author Topic: AVG anti virus mobile installed with ultimate subscription but still hacked  (Read 2281 times)

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I install AVG anti virus mobile with ultimate subsciption but i still got hacked and spied on my phone. i deep scan my phone but it didnt detect the malware and spyware. they hacked my wifi router. they hacked my 5 samsung phones and 2 other phone brand and iphone SE. they hacked the wifi that they sometimes disconnected me in wifi. i saw there is a bluetooth device  connected to my device without my approval, it hides in my bluetooth conneced list. they spied on my phone through camera, microphone hole and screen activity live and posted my phone data and my captured photo or video me on naked in facebook to just shamming me. i factory reset my phone but i still got hacked and spied on. i even went airplane mode but they were still spy on me. i read it in the internet that it is fake airplane mode. even in safe mode, i could not find spyware or malware and in safe mode they still spy on me. the hackers is from boarded neighbor, i tried to report them but the authority would not believe me, they told me to just factory reset and i need big proof. the hackers are very good to be unnotice and i am very unaware that i am being hacked. next i went to samsung customer service to reprogram my samsung phones with ONE UI 1.0 and 2.1, i start over again, i reinstall AVG anti virus mobile, i went airplane mode but the hacker can still hacked my phones and spy on me. my AVG anti virus mobile is updated but they still able to hack and spy on me. i hope avast and AVG would update more to make it more secure and a company that we can rely on. i could not tuse my phones anymore. i am using this Sony android tv  for internet and to post this. i am now so depress and hopeless that they collected my phones data and captured or video of me naked body and posted in the facebook, giving so much shame, it really gives me so much depression. i need help or advice. please

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I am sorry to hear about your issue.
Please consider contacting AVG support via: