Author Topic: Avast trying money transfer without permission months before validation expire  (Read 4136 times)

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Hi. I have some problems with our credit card. First I've ordered Avast Antitrack product from your company about 2 years ago. It didn't expire yet, there were about five months back until the validity stop. But your company deprived the money of our credit card without any warning or consultation with us. I've tried to get our money back, but your company's answers made things very complicated, and difficult. After that, I've left the next period running, but when I was consulting with your college via chat I told him/her that we don't want more subscriptions. Now I have yet 7 months to expire, but your company almost every day, trying to transfer money from our account. Now I ask to stop this activity, our card will not allow transferring any money throughout the internet, and it is your work the reason. I ask again, not to try to transfer money from our bankcard anymore. I will search for the appropriate authority and I will take legal action if you don't stop trying to transfer money from our bankcard anymore. It's illegal, unlawful, illegitimate. By the way, your program is nothing just a childish play, If somebody wants to follow my activity on the internet, your program does not stop it. Now I ask again to stop this activity, our card will not allow us to transfer any money throughout the internet and I will write some letters to the authorities who are investigating, deal with this kind of frauding.


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