Author Topic: defination of trojan horse and what will happen if attacked by trojan horse  (Read 2868 times)

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erm....i am still not very understand about trojan horse
can anyone give trojan horse defination?
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It's a program which appears to be something interesting or useful- a video codec, a crack for a commercial program, a picture or screensaver, a new version of a popular program for example.

In fact, once you click on the application and run it, it performs actions very harmful to your computer: installing other malware- spyware, rootkits, keyloggers- or prompting you to download spyware via various scam notifications, stealing personal information (credit card details etc.), allowing somebody else to control your computer and use it to send spam or attack websites, changing settings on your computer to misdirect your browser to malicious sites, disabling your security software etc. etc.
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erm....i am still not very understand about trojan horse
can anyone give trojan horse defination?

No different from the original Trojan Horse, something different to what it seems, a gift with an unpleasant surprise contained within. So in software terms as FWF said what appears to be a useful piece of software containing an unwelcome gift.

That unwelcome gift could be in many, many forms as FWF mentions.

Your friend google, returns many hits,, this is just the first,
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