Author Topic: Free Avast automatically tries to install google chrome. How do I stop it? OS X  (Read 481 times)

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1.  On 4/1/22, I attempted to install free avast from avast (not a 3rd-party).
2.  It listed Chrome, that I won't install, as a component of the install.  So, I stopped it.
3.  I did this a couple of times then called support and was told it could be installed
without chrome but that's all I heard.  The problem was a bad-static connection >1x, so I gave up.

I have free avast elsewhere from an older download.  Chrome is either buried or
not there and it's fine.  I've also tried Premium Avast but didn't find it better enough for my
purposes to continue it. 

**** Anyone know why there are so "verification" fields for just about anything
I do?  I stopped shopping at one specific online store due to this.  I understand "safety" but
this looks like it goes beyond that.
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Hi, best you post/ask in the dedicated forum section.

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