Author Topic: SIAP but Cleanup Premium just erased a bunch of my files, Library folder, etc  (Read 2170 times)

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I have used it before without any affects like this.  All my google bookmarks are gone and other stuff.

I ran Cleanup and when it was done my Taskbar disappeared and my display screen went to an all dark blue.

Nothing was working or displaying.  I did a hard shutdown, waited, and when I restarted my first attempt at logging in failed and I say the message something like 'username or user not recognized' then the pc looked to to be doing upgrades or something with the good old Windows circular spinning animation.  When the screen appeared again my name appeared with the password entry field.

I logged on but as I said my bookmarks were gone so I tried to get to the User/library or appdata folders and I do not even see those system type folders.  HELP!!!

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Since you have a subscription for Avast Cleanup Premium, please get in touch with Avast support via