Author Topic: Avast Latest Version and Updates Just Doesn't Launch Halo Infinite Xbox App Vers  (Read 1246 times)

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The game doesn't launch at all even with exceptions it legit only launches if I uninstall the program is there any way to fix it.

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Do you receive any Avast Free application notifications/messages?
If Avast has no warning messages, temporarily disable the Avast Shields (Right-click on the Avast Antivirus icon in the system tray > click on Avast Shields Control > select an option) and see if that helps.
If it does, enable the shields one at a time to determine which shield is causing the issue.

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we are aware of the issue and working on a fix. The game anti-cheat is detecting Avast. You can disable "hardware-assisted virtualization" in Avast troubleshooting settings (reboot is required after modification) as a temporary fix.