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Partner data source quality issues
« on: April 13, 2022, 04:43:32 AM »

Just as an important prefix: I understand false positives do happen and that they can be reported (this has been done and apparently already removed as well 👍). In this instance however, there appeared to have been a more noticeable quality control issue with one of your partners. Since this sort of thing both reflects poorly on yourselves, as well as on us, it seemed worth mentioning that this had occurred.

Recently we have had users of our service complaining of blocks from Avast's URL blacklist which from the onset seemed unusual (eg the inclusion of a domain just used as login endpoints)

After determining these come from CRDF we started looking at their reports more closely which took things things from unusual to pretty absurd.
Attached is screenshot of the "malicious activity" entry for
Not only was the cause seemingly a just PNG, but as you can see from the headers in the same screenshot, its also just a 404
It isn't even an elaborate 404 page with trackers, its as minimal as you can get (screenshot of just how minimal also included and can be verified by checking itself)

It wouldn't be quite so bad if not for their simultaneous statement of their complete confidence in their results/that the site is unequivocally malicious, and their distancing themselves by saying they "just make a list", and that they "don't block anyone". They're still painting a "malicious" target on domains as their listings are used by services to actively block things.
Their confidence is reiterated in their whitelisting conditions which state that (in its current state) "there is a reason":
"demonstrate that your activity does not violate our detection criteria (if you have been added to our database, there is a reason)".

Hopefully this happens to cross the path of the right people and quality control can be improved, though I imagine this is largely out your hands with CRDF being a separate entity. At the end of the day false positives only serve to erode trust in the accuracy of your products and the ability of businesses to operate their websites normally.

Thank you

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Re: Partner data source quality issues
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2022, 05:03:43 PM »
Hi, you can submit your feedback in "About Avast".
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