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File locked by Avast but not released
« on: April 19, 2022, 12:51:07 PM »
Hi All,

We have developed a Windows application for some of our Customers. We have also developed an Installer to install this Windows application.

Some of these Customers are using your “Avast freeware Software” (either version 22.2.6003 or versions earlier to it).

Our Installer is frequently failing in these PCs as Avast is locking some of our files. We see this as a normal behaviour by any Antivirus file scan logic and expect that the locked files will be released immediately after the temporary lock.

However, in our customers’ PCs we see that the files were not unlocked even after few minutes. So our installer failed to update the file although we had implemented a logic to retry the unzipping of the locked files.

Are there any ways to overcome this issue automatically without any user intervention?

In addition, we would like to submit our installation files (around 2GB) to Avast Lab for whitelisting on regular basis.  Please note that our products will be released to clients once in 3 months,

Could you please provide us with the following details for whitelisting our Software with Avast ?
•   FTP account details
•   Support Email address to inform about FTP publishing

Please let us know if you need any other from us.

Looking forward to your reply,


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