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Feature proposal(retracted)
« on: April 21, 2022, 01:07:27 PM »
I hope Avast One will be able to handle 7z compressed files, if it cannot.

I executed the Targeted Scan, and it found 8 threats in 3 compressed files. The files are in 7z format, and Avast One could not delete the 8 files in 3 archives. Avast One could read the 7z files, and found those threats, but somehow could not delete nor quarantine. Maybe some faults/obstacles were in my environment. I don't know for sure about the capabilities of Avast One.

If Avast One cannot delete/extract a member file in 7z compressed file, I hope it can. And if it can, I also hope it can delete/extract a suspicious file in multiply compressed archive ( 7z file in a larger 7z file ).

I've misunderstood, and I retract the proposal above, but left this post for reference.

I downloaded the eicar and compressed it in 7z format. Avast One found it and moved the 7z file to quarantine successfully.
I made two files.
The first file is a.7z which contains b.7z which contains which contains which contains which is the eicar text file. Avast One moved the a.7z to the quarantine.
The second file is e.7z which contains f.txt ( not a threat ) and the a.7z. Avast One found but left e.7z as is. It did not extract a.7z but now I think it's OK. Manipulation/reconstruction especially deletion should be done by the user.
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