Author Topic: Avast quarantined an email attachment, yet the attachment is still there.  (Read 1799 times)

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I am a bit confused by the behavior I'm seeing in free Avast.  Hopefully someone can explain.

- My email app is Spark, from Readdle.
- 2018 Macbook pro running Montery 12.3.1

In the last couple of weeks I have received a number of bogus emails from various addresses.  Some appear more legit than others, but they're all pretty easy to spot and follow a pattern.   The attachments claim to be invoices, spreadsheets and what not.   Avast flags all the attachments and quarantines them.  The quarantined name is different from the attachment's name.   The quarantine name seems to be a name specific to the Spark file structure.

Anyway - The email and attachment remain intact, in spite of Avast quarantining something.   I've deleted the offending emails, naturally, but shouldn't the problem attachment have been removed?

The Avast quarantine files are all of the type VBS:Malware-gen.

Thanks for any help.
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