Author Topic: Activated and logged in Premium Avast Antivirus features not working.  (Read 748 times)

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I have my product activated and am logged in, and when i want to solve the problems mentioned in the main window when you start the Avast UI, it keeps asking me to buy the premium version, while i have bought it already, and activated it and i am logged in into my account.

So it wants me to buy a premium subscription over and over without me being able to use the premium functions.

It is obviously a software bug, cause it has been this way ever since i first installed and activated it.
But after having tried to use the premium functions for like 20 times now, and every time it's the same outcome, my only logical conclusion can be that it's a bug.

reinstalling Avast doesn't fix it.

So if i paid for a product that does not work, i need to be able to get a refund, even after the 30 day period, cause the software is faulty.
I have been using, repairing and configuring PC's since 1983 on a daily basis, so i know all the tricks to fix software installs.
Nothing worked so far, so it's obvious that the software doesn't work as advertised.

Either i need it fixed by Avast, or i want a refund so i can buy avirus from the competition.

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Please attach screenshots showing the "solve the problems mentioned in the main window" and "it keeps asking me to buy the premium version," so that we can have a better overview of the issue.
Please see this article on how to generate a screenshot.
As a paid subscriber you can also reach Avast Support via