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Not happy. I randomly boot up my computer and this pop-up eventually comes up. It tells me that maybe a restart would work to fix Avast. Okay; I go to restart my computer and the same thing happens. Try again; the same thing. Restarting a billion times doesn't work at all. Now that that's out of the way, now I should press that "repair your installation" button right? Doesn't work. No matter how I press it, how many times, or what time I press it I am never able to repair the installation. Great. Let me just uninstall this antivirus and reinstall a fresh copy. Doesn't let me uninstall the antivirus and it instead tells me that the process to repair the antivirus is already in effect. This tells me two things. One: my Avast is completely broken and now I can't do anything with it in the interface. It's using a lot of my ram as well for no good reason. Two: this antivirus is acting more like a virus itself rather than an antivirus. Can't terminate the program (I know it's for a good reason), can't uninstall it, can't update it (I already tried this and when the update went through, I got the same stupid pop-ups), and I can't repair it. Help. I need to understand why this is happening. I've gone through most of the forums and I'll be active for a while trying to figure this out with others. I've seen a troubleshooting forum for this same exact problem (going through services and making sure some services were on automatic and were running) and that made no difference. I just want to get this thing out of my computer so I don't have to stress over an ANTIVIRUS. I can't believe that I actually said that but I just did. Thanks for the help if anything will ever help with this problem.

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Found a fix for this god-awful problem. Here's how I did it for anyone else who unfortunately met the same errors. In the top attachment, the image shows that you press the windows key and then search up "uninstall." Go to the control panel (which should be automatically selected) and press "Uninstall a program." In the second attachment, it shows that you need to select Avast from the list (I selected Adobe Creative Cloud as an example due to the fact that I don't have Avast anymore) and then press "Uninstall/Change." You may ask "but isn't this an obvious solution?" It is an obvious solution but in the original post, the third attachment is what shows up after you press "Uninstall/Change." If this pops up after pressing "Uninstall/Change," wait. Just wait for a couple of minutes. Do something in the background (I watched videos in the meantime) and then try again. Keep trying every couple or so minutes until you get to a screen that you finally want to get to, the screen that has a variety of buttons such as "repair," "uninstall," "update," etc. Although I tried updating and repairing through these buttons and restarting after every time, none of these buttons worked, ultimately leading to me opting for uninstalling Avast altogether. Although I'll probably consider Avast as my main antivirus again, I just hope that this doesn't happen to me and I also hope that this forum post finds anyone well who also gets the help that they need through this post. Thank you.

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