Author Topic: My keyboard and mouse become dead slow after Avast found a suspicious file  (Read 491 times)

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I have Windows 7 64 bit OS with 6GB ram.
I have a plain script file (It is an Autohotkey script. I have given below the script). Avast detects this as suspicious file. Then immediately afterwards my keyboard and mouse become dead slow. I mean when I press alt tab it took 20 seconds to show the alt tab screen. And when I move the mouse it took approx 20 seconds for the mouse cursor to move. Then I opened the task manager to see what is happening to see the Firefox browser memory was increasing dramatically from 100MB to 200MB and more. But there was no videostream tab in Firefox. And I had no memory problem before that when I had more tabs than now.

Could it be the avast action to prevent any malicious action by slowing down the keyboard & mouse movements as it detects a suspicious file or the Firefox browser?

My Autohotkey Script that the Avast detects as suspicious.
Code: [Select]
#SingleInstance Force
RShift & LButton::
Click, , , Left, 1, D
Click, , , Left, 1, U

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have you removed or allowed the detection? On the detection event the suspicious process is suspended. I can image if mouse/keyboard events are "routed" through this app somehow it can cause mentioned issue.

Needles to say after resolving the detection the issue should go away.