Author Topic: AVAST keeps finding same virus on USB thumb drive even after deleting the virus  (Read 989 times)

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When I scan the thumbdrive AVAST finds four viruses:


I move them to quarantine and then delete them.  Remove the thumb drive, put thump drive back in and scan again the same viruses still show up.

Anyone have an idea?



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Is there a specific reason you are scanning the thumb drive ?
When the drive if active, files in use would be scanned by the File Shield.
I can't see the full file name/type in the image are they al .tmp files ?
Which would seem strange.

According to your image these are/were in the Recycle bin of that thumb drive, have you cleared that Recycle bin ?
If not try clearing it.

The other file is in the winamp cache, have you tried clearing the winamp cache ?
If not try clearing it.

Excuse my ignorance, but I have never used winamp, I never could get it to work on my previous systems.
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