Author Topic: under specific conditions, avast will randomly write to my HDD and corrupt it.  (Read 937 times)

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While this is obviously bad, windows has a self repair feature that fixes it on boot up so i just avoid it, but since this has been a bug for 6 months to a year... and its still not fixed i think i should mention it here.

Only when i use avast secure browser, and play a video on netflix, and then go to the netflix homescreen will the browser lock up with vary little cpu usage, attempts to force it to close with task manager fail, it then results in windows becoming entirely frozen. upon reboot, the HDD is corrupted and it runs a self repair to fix the damage.

What i cant figure out is, why its randomly writing to things. it goes without saying i use avast as an anti virus and have for many years now so its unlikely this is some weird virus that only does something when i stop watching netflix and go to the main screen.

seems like it must be somehow related to clearing the cache when there is a large amount of data in it.